Cinarcik Resinedce project is just located in the middle of nature and the sea. The project is so near the cost of Çınarcık and unique forests existing just behind of the project. So,  you can smell fresh forest air and look for an extraordinary sea view from the balcony at the same time.

With the ferry station on the coast, you can reach Istanbul within 45 minutes by using ferries. Additionally, Osmangazi bridge offers alternative way to reach Istanbul by car. By doing so, this luxury compound is just located in Istanbul coast’s towards.

This will be your future home where you can find 4 seasons. 1+1, 2+1 apartments are available, so the project has been designed to cover different type of customer needs in one.

The project’s location is also unique as being just intersection of the pure green and the authentic blue. The natural beach of the neighbourhood is located just 50 meters away from the project. Additionally, you will be enjoying with the social facilities  offered you in the compound.

Social Activities

Special areas will be built for social
activities and playground will be
available for children. You can have a sit in
your balcony and enjoy with your new life in
Çınarcık while your children playing in the
playground safely.

169.312,50 TL - 294.000,00 TL
64 - 72 Square Meter
3000.000,00 TL - 563.000,00 TL
114 - 143 Square Meter

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  • ANK 122
  • Yalova
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