A living center located at the heart of Bahçeşehir on the coast of Istanbul that has managed to transform the street store concept to incorporate shopping mall comfort. The Project includes a movie theater that will take you to different worlds with the unique experience it offers, a supermarket that offers thousands of quality products, cafes, and restaurants that offer food and beverages from Anatolian and international cuisines, entertainment centers and various stores.

It is an unparalleled project with its green and dynamic environment of around 100 acres. The central building contains 100 stores that cover an area of 30,000 m2 and comes together with Park Street that has a capacity to function as a city center with its culture-art galleries, banks, fast food, and top-notch restaurants and general shopping centers. Together they reflect the high standards of Bahçeşehir and make up a unique residence project for many distinguished families at the center of this vast city park.

Social Activities

Cafes and restaurants at one elevators’ distance, stores you can go shopping at your
heart’s desire, genuine landscapes green as grass where you can enjoy the nature and
have a barbeque, outdoor sitting groups are waiting for you at Bahcesehir Life.
Besides that an outdoor swimming pool, offices are located at the center of life, along
with spa, sauna and fitness areas for sports and healthy life.

450.000,00 TL - 785.000,00 TL
65,6 - 102,5 Square Meter
895.000,00 TL - 1.365.000,00 TL
109,5 - 166,2 Square Meter
1.410.000,00 TL - 1.750.000,00 TL
172,7 - 239,8 Square Meter
1.680.000,00 TL - 3.675.000,00 TL
204,1 - 409,9 Square Meter
3.110.000,00 TL - 4.515.000,00 TL
383,7 - 528,9 Square Meter

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  • ANK 137
  • Istanbul
  • 450000.00