The project that will connect the Marmara Sea to the Black Sea starting from Küçükçekmece all the way through ending at the Third Airport, with Six bridges to be built across the canal, which will be 43 km long and 400 meters wide on average. Four of these bridges will be connected to main highway routes.


The buildings in the city around the canal will have a maximum of six floors, and taller buildings will be constructed away from the canal.

The project aims at putting an end to heavy Bosporus shipping traffic. Approximately 150 to 160 vessels will pass through the canal on a daily basis. The project aims to offer easy access to all business centers, industrial areas and workplaces with its multiple-model approach.

This project is introducing different flat options from 1+1 to 4+1 for those who want to live in the house of their dreams.

With its balcony architecture, 3,5 meters gross floor height, windows to the ceiling, spacious living room, elegant kitchen and room plans, enter to a peaceful life.

The project is designed with smart house system to offer its residents a quality living opportunity under their own control.

Social Activities

- Pergola social area

- Kids adventure park

- Fitness center sauna

- Indoor hobby areas

- Outdoor swimming pool

- Children swimming pool

- Indoor cinema

- Football & Basketball fields

- Open-air cinema

- Walking trail

767.000,00 TL - 1.199.000,00 TL
73,82 Square Meter
1.094.000,00 TL - 1.517.000,00 TL
115,94 - 134,99 Square Meter
1.446.000 ,00 TL - 1.756.000,00 TL
169,57 - 188,49 Square Meter
1.662.000,00 TL - 1.745.000,00 TL
189,01 - 195,93 Square Meter

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  • Istanbul
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