With Foldhome, we add to your house the areas that you dream of for your home but that don’t fit into one house.

The Foldhome system, which creates rooms that don’t fit into one house and are too large to be contained in ordinary sites, is an architectural approach that provides the features of a 5,000 m2 house.

Foldhome’s main objective is to ensure that rooms that can’t fit into your house are included in your home by means of folding.
This means you add any room to your house, or take it away, any time you want.

One of the most important features of Foldhome, which consists of tailor-made areas of use, is the “pay-per-use” system. That is, an additional fee is not charged or added to the subscription for an area that is not used.

Access is provided to Foldhome rooms, which can be used with individually defined cards to be distributed to apartment residents, via a pay-per-use system, and residents can use the rooms as their own private areas.

Foldhome units are designed for each specific project by analyzing the expectations and needs of each target group.

Social Activities

Dining Room

Covered Football Field

Movie Room

Art Room 

Event Room 

Rooftob Garden

Party & Karaoke Room

Music Room 

Privaate Fitness Room


Presentation Room 

Sitting Room 

Open-Air Cinema

Guest Room 

Archive Room

Education Room 

Roof Garden&Barbecue

Open Air Party Space


Video Conference Room

PlayStation Room

Covered Basketball Court

Meeting Room

528.660,00 TL - 688.050,00 TL
58 - 74,68 Square Meter
821.700,00 TL - 1.188.000,00 TL
104,79 - 162,73 Square Meter

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