This project is an extraordinary residence project with all the details carefully designed.

 The architectural aesthetics and details are carefully designed and the materials used and the details of the design details were used for the systems that simplify the life of the user.

With the optional smart home systems used in the project, which offers comfort in the hotel concept,

 • Lighting control,

 • Open the door with voice command - locking,

 • Screen control,

 • Climate control,

• Access to the environmental camera system,

 • Underfloor heating and cooling,

 • Aerated concrete walls (with sound and heat insulation),

 • Sound insulation between floors,

• Heat and water insulation,

 • Kütahya and çanakkale ceramic elite plus series ceramics,

• Geberit concealed reservoirs,

• Central hot water system from the comfort of the hotel,

• Apartments with views of both the valley and the sea,

It is a fully equipped residence project with walking paths and many other features.

This project;

1 + 1 apartments 86 m2,

2 + 1 apartments 90 m2,

3 + 1 apartments 175 m2,

3 + 1 starts from 560,000 TL.

2 + 1 Starts from 445,000 TL.

1 + 1 starts from 355.000 tl.

This project consists of 4 blocks;

 A and B blocks August, C and D blocks delivered in March 2020 85% of the finished goods are delivered to customers who want to finish our apartments also door, parquet, kitchen cabinets etc. also offer color options.


There are 58 apartments in block A and B and 44 apartments in block C and D. There are 102 apartments in total in our project.


First, our deeds are ready. We are now able to grant the title deed. We have an agreement with banks. Our apartments are suitable for credits up to 400,000 TL.


Rental income starting from ;

1 + 1 apartments for 1500 TL,

2 + 1 apartments for 1750 TL

3 + 1 apartments for 2500 TL

As a representative, we may sign in a contract. Payment with the customer is made according to the form. Whether you come with your customers, or if you give us information from your customers at the airport. we show the project to your client. So here we can provide you with lo

Social Activities

• Private parking (deed)

• Central laundry and ironing facilities,

 • Indoor and Outdoor Fitness,

 • Closed shock pool,

• Sauna,

• Turkish bath,

• Masjid,

• Basketball court,

• Children's Playgrounds,

• Camellia and Ornamental pools,

355.000 TL - -
86 Square Meter
445.000 TL - -
90 Square Meter
560.000 TL - -
175 Square Meter

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