New Istanbul, Yenişehir, A new life. 

While, exultant Istanbul has been growing step by step, Başakşehir is becoming a new center with Yenişehir project. Başakşehir which has become a great extent investment region develops through four sectors as business, housing, public spaces and access points.

Yenişehir which will host a population of 1 millions of people will begin from Kemerburgaz and extend through Küçükçekmece by covering the 3rd Airport field and Başakşehir.

Yenişehir project which is called as the new Istanbul, is constructed by taking Başakşehir region as the center where This Project is also located.

This new center, which is grown on a solid foundation zone, hosts gigantic projects from the 3rd Bosporus Bridge to the 3rd Airport, from Kanal Istanbul to the Northern Marmara Highway Project. This Project is ready to carry your life quality several steps further through its close wide range of means of transportation, education, health and social facilities. 

Only a few steps to the life you are missing for.

This Project which is just around the corner of your home will not only become the starting point of social life of Başakşehir, the subway station is also located here. The heart of This Project beats in this square which is surrounded by walking trails, green areas and decorative pools.

Take a step into a life nested in nature with the lights of the city.

You will relieve your tiredness in the recreational areas with wooden floors. While, the decorative pools you will see wandering This Project will make you feel great, the flowers you will see everywhere will juice up your day.

While, you are enjoying the sunny days by on the lawn, you will relish the nature and life at the wooden terraces.

Take an important step for them.

The children living in This Project are very lucky. The First Step Children Playground is very different from the playgrounds only with slides and swings.

The playground full of creative toys, which will either support their physical and mental developments, is designed at a level to compete with its competitors of Europe.

Social Activities


Basketball Court,

Common Landscape and Recreation Areas

Mini Movie Theatre



Turkish Bath

Salt Room

Indoor Children's Pool

Indoor Adult Pool

Ping Pong

Guest Quarters

Recreation Room

Parking Garage

1.115.000 TL - 1.560.000 TL
147 - 207 Square Meter
1.385.000 TL - 1.980.000 TL
177 - 222 Square Meter

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  • ANK 170
  • Istanbul
  • 205000.00