Istanbul, a world capital stanbul, a city that surpasses cities like Rome, New York and London in  the list of the best destinations of the world, is a world capital that has always managed to be the center for its 300.000 years’ old history. A proud city that leans back on both continents as the host of the history and the glorious center of modern times.

This project, which is the first Urban Renewal Project of Turkey realized with public - private partnership and by means of which historical values  are diligently preserved, is one of the model projects of Istanbul with a construction site of 165.000 m2 and a facade length of 220 mt. Comprising of 9 blocks and 952 units, Taksim 360 is the new address of life and investment with its concept streets to serve private, business and social life as well as shopping and with a car park capacity of 1000 vehicles.

Social Activities
2.099.000,00 TL - 2.346.000,00 TL
48 - 55 Square Meter
2.691.000,00 TL - 4.858.000,00 TL
63 - 139 Square Meter
3.076.000,00 TL - 7.546.000,00 TL
92 - 169 Square Meter

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