If it will be lived, the life must be privileged… Who doesn’t want to have the unique one… To experience the prestige of being different, feeling special, and see the breath-taking beauty of perfection... And to add value to life with privileges that will let one experience more than he dreams of… If it is life and that place where the most special things that give meaning to life are experienced in question, everybody wants. After all, if it will be lived, the life must be lived with privileges to the core, mustn’t it?
Such a life, you will feel the luxury and prestige of which even with the first step into it, is rising for only 321 residence owners in Esenyurt, which is one of the most valuable locations in Istanbul. Who knows, for you, maybe…

If it will be lived, the life must be accessible… How close can the means to meet your needs be to  you? Maximum in This Project! Why not? For example, a shopping mall where  you can meet all needs of your home. Or educational establishments that will prepare the children and youths for life. Medical institutions, which we will say how we wish you did not  need them. And the main arteries and roads to carry you to every point of Istanbul that is one of the biggest metropolises of the world. All of them are at your elbow with this project rising at the most beautiful point of Esenyurt that is the changing and developing center of Istanbul.

Social Activities

If it will be lived, the life must be colorful…

How much color can you lend to the life? Like all the others, the answer to this question  is also maximum in Yalçıntepe Residence! How not? This is a living space that is full not only of privileges special to you but also activities that will lend color to your life. You can have the privilege of swimming 4 seasons a year, get rid of your stress and tiredness in sauna and Turkish bath, keep fit with every step you will  take on the walking track while keeping your shape 
in the fitness center, and blow off some steam with a basketball or tennis match you will play with your beloved ones. While you do all these, your children can enjoy their childhood to their hearts’ content in their own fields.

360.000 TL - 425.000 TL
80 - 86 Square Meter

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  • ANK 189
  • Istanbul
  • 360000.00