Furnishing Services

Furnishing work  :

          Luxury happens when our personal surroundings enhance our mood and quality of our life. When our belongings match our sense of identity. When our home is truly a place to escape from everyday pressures and go back to.
         Anka invest knows that luxury furniture means high craftsmanship, quality materials, revered construction and fabrication, and design-integrity.
But more importantly, luxury is a metaphor for your life, when your furniture resonates with who are you. It is a wonderful thing to own only that which you truly connect with. we will lend our skilled design eye and expert resources to best curate your home furniture.  

Furnishings design services:

         Artwork and accessories selection • Color planning •  Furniture and fabric selections • Furniture buying trip(s) • Furniture layout • Lighting layout and fixture selection • Permanent materials selection • Procurement • space planning

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