Istanbul Public Transportation -

The most important factor while buying a property and moving to istanbul is the location of the property purchased.

Istanbul is a metropolitan city with population of more than 18 Million people, if its not for the masive public transportation spread through the city you will be ending up in a traffic for few hours.

Istanbul municipality had worked hard to expand its public transportation routes for the past couple of years and many more are adding to the the existing ones.

The biggest and most effective public transportation line in istanbul is the Metrobus line which is connecting the asian side from Söğütlüçeşme all the way to the west of Europan side Beylikduzu and is going to expand all the way to Silivri in the near future.

While chosing a house you need to be aware of the existing public transportation and upcoming project, This will help the rise on the price of the property purchased.

One of the most important lines which is going to be construct in Istanbul is Gayrettepe to Istanbul new airport which is going to be completed in 2021.

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