Renting a house in Turkey -

Turkey have become a hub of business and a perfect destination located on two continent, many foreigners are choosing Turkey as their new home. It’s an amazing place to live and work but while moving the most important thing is to find a place to buy or rent. While renting a house it is very important to take some of the points below into consideration:

• Check the title deed of the house

• Check if all the utility bills and building management fees are paid in full before you move in

• There should be a bank account belonging to the owner or its legal authorized person in the contract

• If a second party signing a contract ask for a copy of the power of attorney

• It's a general practice to ask for two months rent as a deposit and it will be refunded when you move out of the premises excluding damages and repairs

• Agency fee was 12% from the yearly rent amount but reduce to one-month rent amount

• The owner needs to pay for the DASK ( earthquake insurance) you need this paper to apply for your utilities
It is very important to know these details before signing a rental contract. Do not forget to consult your lawyer or your trusted agent in Turkey.

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